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General Questions

When is the December 2024 Commencement Ceremony?

December 2024 Commencement ceremonies will take place on December 20, 2024 at the Central Bank Center at Rupp Arena.

Is there a reception following the ceremony?

Yes! The Alumni Association hosts a Grad Gathering following each ceremony. Graduates and their families are encouraged to attend.

How do I contact the Commencement office?

Please email us at or call 859-218-6699. Our office is located on the 1st floor of the Gatton Student Center, Suite A150.

How do I know what College my student is in?

Sometimes families know what their student is majoring in but not which College that major falls under at UK. You can visit to browse all programs and find your student's major. When you click on their major, you'll see the College it is affiliated with listed at the top of the page.

What is the difference between Convocation and Commencement?

Convocation ceremonies are program-specific events where graduates receive individual recognition for their achievements. Commencement is a larger, university-wide celebration that involves individual name recognition.

Convocation ceremonies are organized and managed by each individual College's department. Specific details, such as dates, times, and participation requirements, may vary by College.  For the most up-to-date information regarding your college's convocation, please refer to the College's website or contact the listed College representative in the FAQ below.

Who should I contact for a specific College's Convocation?

Convocation ceremonies are managed by each individual College's department.  Please refer to the chart below to find the contact person for your College's Convocation. Please note that some College's may not have their own Convocations.

College Name   Contact Name   Contact email
College of Education   Thomas Cantrell
Stanley and Karen Pigman College of Engineering   Tina Metcalf
J. David Rosenberg College of Law   Alyssa Young
College of Medicine   Maura Hoover
College of Nursing   Shaun Ketterman
College of Pharmacy   Julianne Kravetz

Questions for Guests

Does my family or guests need tickets to attend Commencement?

No, tickets are not required for guests to attend the graduation ceremonies.

What services will be available for guests needing special accommodations?

Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center welcomes guests using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Accessible restrooms are also available throughout the venue.  If you don't have your own mobility device, there are local rental companies to assist you – we recommend contacting them in advance.

In addition:

  • Closed-captioning and ASL interpreters will be available for all ceremonies, both in-person and on the live stream.
  • Accessible seating and parking are available; however, they are first-come, first-served, so plan to arrive early (one hour before the ceremony). Please note that we cannot accommodate reserved seating requests for any seating areas.
  • If a graduate requires accommodations, please refer to the graduate FAQ section.

Will there be a shuttle service for the December and May Commencement Ceremonies?

Shuttle services will not run for Decemeber Commencement Ceremonies.

For May Commencement Ceremonies, shuttles services will run continuously from 8am-9:30pm on Friday, and 8am-1:30pm on Saturday from Administration Drive by Parking Structure #5 (Cornerstone Garage) to Rupp Arena​ at Central Bank Center.

The Cornerstone parking structure, located on 401 S Limestone, will also be open for those interested in shuttling from campus. Entrances to the parking structure are located on S Limestone and S Upper Street.


Where should graduates and guests park?

The Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center parking lot is located on West High Street and will have free parking for all guests and graduates. 

In an effort to ensure all graduates and their families have an enjoyable experience, you are asked to move your vehicle from the High Street Lot immediately after your ceremony concludes to ensure the next ceremony can start on time. 

A map of these locations can be found here.

Is the ceremony livestreamed?

Yes. The ceremony will be live-streamed to YouTube and the link will be available on our homepage the morning of Commencement.


How long will the ceremony last?

We expect each ceremony to last around 2 hours depending on how many students participate. This may vary from family to family as students will leave after walking across the stage, so you may not be at Rupp Arena for the full 2 hours.

I have questions about Rupp Arena's policies. Where can I find that information?

You can find Rupp Arena's policy information on their website. Please be sure to reach out to their guest services team for specific questions regarding Rupp Arena.

Will there be any strobe lighting or other elements like this at the ceremony?

Yes. Strobe lighting and streamers cannons will be used during the UK Fight Song.  Those with sensitivity to light or sound should avoid this section of the ceremony.  Please contact the commencement office for more details.  

Questions for Graduates

Is Commencement just for undergraduate students?

No. Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD students who have applied for their degree are eligible to participate in Commencement. Students receiving only a certificate are not eligible to participate. 

Is there a rehearsal prior to Commencement?

No, there is no rehearsal prior to Commencement. Graduates should arrive at least one hour before their scheduled ceremony and will be given instructions on how to gather with their College after they check in.

I, the graduate, need special accommodations. What should I do?

To ensure we can best support you on your graduation day, please follow these steps:

  • During Registration: While registering for graduation through Marching Order, there will be a dedicated section for requesting special accommodations. Be sure to fill out this section thoroughly, detailing the specific accommodations you require. By "special accommodations," we mean things like assistance for mobility issues, visual or hearing impairments, or other physical needs. 
  • After Registration: If your accommodation needs change after completing registration,  contact as soon as possible.  Since these accommodations often require advanced planning, early notification is crucial.

What time should students arrive at Rupp Arena?

Students should arrive ONE hour before their ceremony for check-in. The entrance is located on West High Street and there will be signage directing students to check-in.

How do I register to participate in graduation ceremonies?

You will receive an email to register for Commencement once the registration window opens. Please visit our website to see the full process on getting registered to walk in the ceremony. Be sure to apply for your degree first or the ability to participate in Commencement will not be available to you.

I am graduating with dual degrees. Which College ceremony should I participate in?

You will participate in the College ceremony of your preference. Although you may only be participating in only one ceremony, you will still be recognized for both degrees in the Commencement program.

Is registering for Commencement and applying for my degree the same thing?

No. You need to apply for your degree through myUK and work with your academic advisor. Registering for Commencement is a separate process and only confirms your participation in the ceremony.

Where can I buy my cap and gown?

All information regarding regalia can be found here.

When will my name appear in the Commencement program?

Your name will be featured in the Commencement program corresponding to the term for which you applied for your degree. For instance, names for degree applications for Spring and Summer semesters will appear in the May Commencement program, while names for Fall semester applications will be included in the December Commencement program. If you have any questions about degrees or the application process, please contact the Registrar's office at or 859-257-7157.

When will I receive my degree?

The Registrar's office processes and mails out degrees once they are conferred. Please contact their office via email at for questions related to your degree.

How can I determine the size of my diploma?

The size of your diploma varies based on your degree type. Please refer to the following dimensions:

  • Bachelor’s: 8 ½ x 11 inches
  • Master’s: 8 ½ x 11 inches
  • Doctoral/Professional: 12 x 15 inches
  • Medicine: 14 x 16 inches

If you have specific questions regarding your degree, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Where can I access my photos after graduation?

We have partnered with Pro Pics to take professional portraits of all graduates during the ceremony. Photos will be available for purchase after the ceremony. There is no cost to have your photo taken and no obligation to purchase. If you would like to receive your photo proofs, please go to to submit your information. If you have any questions regarding photos, please contact Pro Pics at

I'm graduating from the Lewis Honors College. How do I get my Honors medallion?

The Honors medallion is given to Honors graduates during the Honors Medal Ceremony, held prior to UK Commencement, each December and May.