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A Special Role for Faculty Members

We extend our gratitude to all faculty members who have volunteered to play a crucial role in the Commencement ceremonies by celebrating our graduates. Your participation adds a personal touch to this significant milestone for our students.

Thank you for your dedication to our students and the University of Kentucky.

Hooding Guidelines:

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Any faculty member is welcome to participate in hooding students during the commencement ceremony.
  • Planning Ahead: Faculty members interested in hooding are encouraged to create a plan with the student(s) they will be hooding. This coordination ensures a seamless and meaningful experience for both faculty members and graduates.
  • On-Ceremony Logistics: Faculty members involved in hooding will be seated next to their designated students on the ceremony floor. It is important to meet up with the graduates upon their arrival to ensure a smooth and organized process.

RSVP and Regalia:

Please RSVP your participation in hooding by submitting a Hooding Faculty RSVP. Additionally, all faculty members are required to wear regalia during the ceremony.

Non-hooding Faculty:

Faculty members who wish to attend Commencement are welcome to do so by submitting a Non-Hooding Faculty RSVP. Reminder: all faculty members are required to wear regalia during the ceremony.


For questions related to Commencement, please contact your College's Commencement Coordinator or Tyler Chapman at